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Ethnomet is a digital healthcare services platform aimed at increasing access and improving quality of care for patients across the globe.

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Innovative Healthcare Technology Solutions

Ethnomet offers solutions for healthcare services providers, patients, physicians, and partner resellers.

Ethnomet Vital Connect (EVC)

With EVC, patients can access expert physicians through virtual consultations from the comfort of their home.

Ethnomet Vital Care Centers (EVCC)

EVCC blends the best of virtual and in-person healthcare, improving patients' access to quality care.

Digital Healthcare Platform (DHP)

Administrative tasks have never been easier than with the DHP, our practice management system.


Patients can monitor their own health data on the go using the EthnoRing and app integration.

AI Triage for HSPs

Our AI-powered triage system assesses patient symptoms, providing preliminary evaluations and recommendations.

White Label DHP

Experience a customizable telemedicine solution that seamlessly integrates with your brand.

Virtual Healthcare System

Connect communities to a centralized healthcare hub using the Ethnomet Virtual Care Box.

For Patients

Better access and fewer barriers to quality healthcare services and proactive healthcare management.

For Physicians

More access and better ability to treat patients with more schedule flexibility and no geographical confines.

For Healthcare Service Providers

Expanded capacity for care by leveraging the advantages of and access to virtual healthcare services.

Enabling Virtual Medical Consultation & Treatment

We offer unparalleled healthcare solutions that seamlessly integrate top-tier primary care, comprehensive mental health support, and expert medical consultations, all delivered by a proficient team of clinical and benefits specialists.

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Enterprise Digital Healthcare Service

White Labelled E-Pharmacy Platform

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Telemedicine Platforms

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Virtual Primary Health Care Centers

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Digital health as-a- service platform.

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